Create sub accounts in the Cion Digital platform.

Create multi-location and multi-users of any parent account with Cion Digital’s Multi-Rooftop feature.

A rooftop is a unique location of a parent account identified by a separate geographical address. The parent account can have multiple sub-accounts for multiple locations.

The parent account is managed by a global or parent user with access to manage multiple rooftops and users. The parent account can attach rooftops/ sub-accounts to users. A single user can be associated with one or more sub-accounts. The parent account can also manage user creation and verification.

Multiple users from a single business can sign in and access Funds, Loans, Payments, and Transaction History for their rooftops.The summary view is accessible to parent/ global account.

Get started with the Multi-Rooftop feature by signing in to the Cion Digital platform:

Post-sign-in, the Accounts Details are displayed as the default dashboard:

Global and Multi-Rooftop User Access

The first rooftop user to sign-up on Cion Digital platform automatically gets the global access. As the global user, switch to the multi-rooftop user access by selecting the appropriate option on the page’s top navigation.

As a multi-rooftop user, switch to global user access to manage sub-accounts and users.

A global user has only read access to the sub-rooftop page.

The global user with a higher level of access can view all the available rooftops using the top navigation.

The global user can also view all the details of the sub-rooftops, like transaction history in read-only mode.

View and manage other admin users with the Global access using the left navigation option Manage Admin Users.

Manage Users and Rooftops

View and manage users and sub-accounts or rooftops with the left navigation option Manage Account.

Modify and update the rooftop or account details, while also adding new sub accounts or modifying any sub account details.

Manage Users

View the sub account users' list by clicking the Manage Account option. Here, the global user can invite a new user to sign in to the Cion Digital platform, review existing user details and attach or modify a user’s association to a specific rooftop,

Each user should be associated with at least one rooftop/sub-account.

Every rooftop has access to all the features like loans, payments, and transaction history, as shown in the left navigation.

Login Security

The global and sub-account user can update their login and security settings by clicking the Change Password option. After completing the updates, click "Update" button.

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