The key capabilities of the Cion Digital platform.

Get familiar with the Cion Digital Platform features for Finance and Payments:

Enable point-of-sale and e-commerce payments for purchases using the top crypto coins.

Pay With Crypto

Facilitate end-to-end crypto payments for your customer from their wallet to the merchant's wallet with the Cion Digital platform. You can also assure instant crypto conversion to a stablecoin or local fiat to de-risk the merchant's crypto exposure.

Crypto payments details are here. Supported coins are detailed here.

Finance With Crypto

A credit check is not required for financing with crypto. The advantages of using crypto as collateral are:

  • Lower risk for loan losses due to over-collateralization

  • Lower rate of interest for the borrower

Crypto lending details are here. The countries where lending with crypto is supported are here.

Finance Partly With Crypto

When the full payment for expensive merchandise cannot be made using crypto, financing only the down payment by pledging crypto as collateral, benefits the buyers and dealers.

Borrow With Crypto

An individual or a business can directly borrow for any purpose by pledging crypto from the Cion Loan Marketplace.

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