Crypto Wallet

Create a crypto wallet account in a crypto exchange, for example, in the exchange.

Create an account in

  • Download the app from the IOS App Store or Google Play Store to begin account creation.

  • After the app is installed, select Create New Account at the prompt to Create a New Account or Log in to an existing account.

  • At the next prompt, enter the email address for the user account.

  • Check that email account for a code sent by

  • A page with offers is displayed. Click through them with the blue arrow, or click Skip in the top right corner.

  • At the next prompt, enter the user's phone number. A text message is received to verify the phone number.

  • Enter the confirmation code accurately. After the confirmation message is displayed, continue to the next step.

  • As per the account opening compliance procedure, enter the user's full legal name and upload a picture of the preferred ID, along with a selfie, to verify the user's identity. Click Continue to open the account.

  • After about 10 minutes, check the email account to receive the confirmation mail about user identity verification done successfully.

Now, the wallet is all set to be used for different crypto transactions on the Cion Digital platform.

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