Crypto Loans Integration

This section describes the step-by-step procedure to utilize the Crypto Loans APIs, followed by UI integration.

  • The OEM Partner should signup with Cion Digital, post which they are assigned a Client-Id and Client-Secret.

  • For each merchant the partner signs up with, the merchant is issued an API-Key and API-Secret. These parameters authorize the partner to send API requests on behalf of Merchants.

  • Using the above four defined parameters, the partner can log in using the service account. Connect with the Cion Digital team for the API details.

  • The partner can call the Cion Digital standalone platform in the widget/iFrame. This is a semi-integrated solution, where the platform screens are shown on the Dealership's platform within an iFrame. Connect with the Cion Digital team fore further details.

  • The partner can customize the user experience of the screens used. The custom theme can be created, updated, or retrieved using different APIs. Connect with the Cion Digital team for the details about the same.

  • Post successful sign-in, connect with the Cion Digital team for the steps required specifically for CeFi and DeFi loan requests.

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