The Cion Digital Crypto Loan platform can be integrated with Fiat lending / traditional financing solution marketplaces to expand the reach of the platform.

The Fiat loan or financing solution marketplaces are bringing to the end customers or borrowers, multiple options to fund their purchases at a point of sale, or take loans directly for other purposes. The Cion Digital platform can add further options to such marketplaces for borrowers who may have cryptos in their portfolios to pledge for their loans. Such borrowers would be looking for loan approvals even if they have a thin credit file or lower credit scores which would have resulted in a loan denial from most traditional lenders.

For Cion Digital, such Fiat loan marketplaces bring in the automatic synergy of reaching out to the borrowers that are already present there and act as a distributor for the Cion Digital Crypto Loan platform. For the Fiat loan marketplaces, this brings in additional lenders that can approve loans for existing borrowers with newly acquired crypto portfolios as well as a whole new set of borrowers who may not have got their loans approved by the traditional lenders and want to utilize their cryptos to borrow.

The distributors for the Cion Digital Crypto Loan platform can be:

  • Point of Sales(PoS) Loan Marketplaces / Financing Solutions

  • Direct to consumer loan marketplaces

This section explains how distributors can use the Crypto Loan solution provided by Cion Digital. The detailed solution and flow with different supported loan types can be found here.

Integrate the Cion Digital Crypto Loans solution with any application using Webview/iFrames and APIs. For these details, connect with the Cion Digital team.

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