Use the Cion Digital Payments feature to initiate a new payment request and collect the same as cryptocurrency.

  • After login, click on "Payments" from the left navigation panel.

  • A list of all the requested payments and their current status is displayed.

Creating a payment request

Click "+ Request New Payment” to create a new payment request.

  • Enter the following information about the payment:

    • Order Number: A unique ID

    • Amount

    • Description

Based on the domain, the following three fields are displayed to further describe the order. For e.g. for automobile domain, the fields are:

  • Make

  • Model

  • VIN

Similarly, as an example, for real estate domain, the fields are:

  • Project

  • Apartment/House/Plot/Office Number

  • Size / Number of rooms

Further, buyer details are to be entered:

  • First and Last Name - mandatory fields

  • Email - mandatory field as payment link is sent to this email ID

  • Phone (optional)

  • Click Continue

  • Check for the payment showing as Waiting for Deposit status

  • Check the email ID provided, for the payment intimation

  • Click on Review and Pay

  • The Payment Details screen is displayed.

  • Select the coin/currency of your choice to view the supported coins

  • Instantaneously, the wallet address is displayed. In case of the currency being changed, the wallet address is dynamically updated.

  • Transactions are listed below for review.

  • In the last step, verify that the details are correct. Share the address, the amount and the address with the customer. The customer can also scan the QR code from their crypto wallet.

Each address is dynamically created for each payment request.

  • When the payment is completed, the status is updated to “Payment confirmed”.

  • The user (Merchant) receives an email with the transaction confirmation. Confirm the transaction in the transactions tab.

Cion Digital is not responsible for losses from deposits made to incorrect wallet addresses or other blockchain networks except Ethereum. Use the correct network only for depositing the mentioned crypto funds.

Some transactions might take longer than 10 minutes depending on the network speed and the blockchain network congestion.

Close the "Purchase Details" page if desired. To return to this page, go back to Payments and re-open it by clicking on the Payment ID link.

For more questions, click here.

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