Crypto Fund Management

This section explains the Asset Management module and its functionalities:

  • Logical separation of assets

  • Exchange

  • Plaid integration

  • Banking integration

  • Reserve management panel

Functional Flow

  • The Cion Digital platform's UI layer routes the Fiat and crypto asset requests to Asset Management.

  • Asset Management processes the requests

  • The logical separation of assets are stored in the database.

Asset Management has the following features:

Logical separation of assets

The Cion Digital platform supports crypto and Fiat assets.

For crypto deposits, the Asset Management module generates the payment wallet address while maintaining the following parameters for wallet generation:

  • owner - The microservice generating the wallet address e.g. Payment

  • sub_owner - The internal sub-modules of the microservice

  • ref_id - The unique reference ID e.g. Unique payment request ID

  • currency - cryptocurrency e.g. eth

  • type - Type of wallet

    • deposited - individual users can make crypto deposits in the generated wallet address. These deposits can be moved/transferred to a primary central wallet. Such transfer is charged USD 2 to USD 5.

    • dedicated - individual users can make the crypto deposits in the generated wallet address. These deposits cannot be moved/transferred to the primary central wallet. They continue to remain in the individual wallets

  • blockchain - Name of blockchain e.g. Ethereum

Asset Management creates these wallet addresses in a digital asset custody platform called Fireblocks.

For fiat deposits, the payments are captured in the Stripe account and bank account. For maintaining the logical separation of assets, Asset Management maintains the transaction history and balance using the parameters Owner ID, Sub Owner ID and Ref ID

For crypto withdrawal:

  • The withdrawal takes place from the primary central wallet.

  • Asset Management ensures:

    • Withdrawal requests are synchronised, i.e. for the same owner, sub-owner and refi_id request, multiple withdrawal requests are not processed

    • Post withdrawal, the physical and logical wallet balance is updated


  • The Cion Digital platform has an exchange account with Coinbase exchange.

  • The Cion Digital exchange account has a balance maintained from the primary central wallet.

  • Users can buy, sell and swap cryptocurrencies. All these features depend on crypto market volatility.

  • The buy, sell or swap actions should take place within a timeframe of 5 to 10 seconds.

  • In case there is insufficient crypto in the exchange wallet for the swap/conversion, the users are asked to try the conversion after some time. To avoid such situations on a frequent basis, an optimum balance is maintained in the Cion Digital exchange account.

  • Asset Management maintains transaction history and balance in the physical and logical assets.

Plaid Integration

  • Plaid integration helps to connect with the user’s bank account

  • For Fiat deposits, Plaid integration verifies the user's bank account details, authorises the user and generates an access token for the Cion Digital Stripe account to pull funds from the users account.

  • Later, these funds can be moved from Cion Digital's Stripe account to Cion Digital's bank account manually.

  • Stripe is used to trigger the ACH functionality.

  • Card-based and ACH-based deposits are supported in the Cion Digital platform.

  • Asset Management maintains optimum balance in Cion Digital's bank account, Coinbase exchange account and Stripe account.

  • Transaction history and balance are maintained for each user.

Banking integration for manual disbursal

  • For Fiat withdrawals, the merchant or user can raise a withdrawal request and view the pending status

  • The super admin of the Cion Digital platform can log in and view all the pending withdrawal requests

  • The super admin can download all the withdrawal request files, which are compatible with Cion Digital's bank account

  • The super admin connect with Cion Digital's bank account and upload the withdrawal requests to process the requests

  • Once the bank processes the requests, the super admin can update the status of the requests to Complete.

Reserve Management

  • Cion Digital's bank account, Stripe account, consolidated primary central wallet, Coinbase exchange account and the individual user’s logical assets constitute a Reserve in the Cion Digital platform.

  • For uniquely identifying the reserves, the Cion Digital platform maintains the country of the reserve. For e.g. USA has a separate reserve from Canada.

  • The super admin manages the reserve panel, selects the country and views the reserve,

  • For Fiat payments, the super admin downloads files that are compatible with the banks of the respective countries.


For API integration, connect with the Cion Digital team to perform these functionalities without using the Cion Digital UI.

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