User Management

Create, enable login, and register different user types on Cion Digital platform.

User Types

Here's how Cion Digital platform identifies different user types:

Admin user

The Tenant or Merchant, a verified admin user in the Cion Digital platform, manages other users and their assets. By default, admin users do not own any assets in the Cion Digital platform.


The end-users are added and managed by the admin users These users can own assets and perform transactions like buying, selling, swapping assets in the Cion Digital platform.

Assumptions and Constraints

The Cion Digital platform end-users and tenants/merchants can have multiple business use cases such as payment, investment, and lending.

Based on the customer's use case and the access provided by tenants/merchants, the kind of access end-users have for various modules may differ. For the current Cion Digital platform version, all end-users and tenants/merchants are enabled for all the modules.

End-users and tenants/merchants integrated with the Cion Digital platform may have the SSO login functionality enabled.

The Cion Digital platform may time out if there is no user activity for more than 10 minutes. If timed out, the user creation or user management processes should be restarted.

Functional Flow

Follow the user management functional flow in the Cion Digital platform, as described.

As the root user/admin, click on Create a New Cion Digital Account to begin.

Register as the root user or admin by filling in the email address and click Verify. Look up the verification code received at the email ID, enter it in the Code field and click Confirm.

Once confirmed, enter the desired password and re-enter it to confirm. The password should be of at least 8 alphanumeric characters.

Enter the other mandatory details:

  • Business Contact Details

    • First and Last Name - text

    • Title - text

  • Business Registration Country

    • Country - Select from supported countries US - United States of America, CA - Canada and AE - United Arab Emirates

  • Industry - Select from Automobile, Crypto, eCommerce, Finance, Real Estate, Retail or Other

  • Business Name - Enter the business's trademarked name

  • Business Domain - Enter the business's domain name e.g. if the business name is Auto, then the domain is

After accepting the Terms & Conditions check box, click on Register.

After login, the 2-factor authentication pop-up is displayed. Use any authenticator app to scan and receive the OTP. Enter the OTP received to the pop-up to complete the registration.

Ensure the authentication is completed within 30 seconds. Being a timed process, the authentication will need to be redone if the time window passes without successful authentication.

Once successfully authenticated, view the default page Account Details where more sub accounts can be created and new users can be invited.

Create new users by filling up the following fields:

  • User Name - text

  • Email address - email address

With the admin access, view the added user details:

  • User name - text

  • Email address - email

  • Creation time - date timestamp.

Additional Requirements

Additional essential requirements for user management are:

Tenant/Merchant Creation

  • The user gets the verification link in the email.

  • The user should click on the verification link within 72 hours.

It is important to verify within the given time else, the user creation process needs to be restarted.

  • After verifying the email address details, the tenant account should be confirmed in the Cion Digital platform.

  • The user receives a welcome email with required links and instructions

End-user Creation

Account ID and the domain name are created for the end-user with the account ID as a prefix in the domain URL.

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