Approximately 23% of U.S. consumers, or nearly 59.6 million people, owned at least one cryptocurrency in 2021, according to a recent survey by PYMNTS and BitPay. Nearly one-third of those consumers have used digital currency to make a payment.

The Cion Digital platform enables merchants like automobile dealerships and retailers of high-value items to accept crypto payments from their buyers in the same way that the merchants accept Fiat payments at the point of sale.

The Cion Digital payments functionality takes care of all the complexities of accepting crypto payments like: -

  • Crypto price

  • Market Volatility

  • Wallet Management

  • Fiat currency settlement

A Merchant is now just required to register and onboard the Cion Digital platform and can have access to the following capabilities:

  • Full Payment using Crypto - Right from capturing payment amount, coin selection till wallet address generation and transfer of funds to Fiat bank account of Merchant, the complete payment process is taken care of:

  • Crypto Collateralised Loan for Down payment or Full Finance - This feature enables the Merchant to create a loan request on behalf of the Buyer/Borrower. The different loan offers can then be discussed and one can be finalised. More details about Crypto loans can be found here. The following offers can be provided to the buyers as per their needs:

    • CeFi - Centralized Finance - example - Salt.

    • DeFi - Decentralized Finance - example - AAVE, MakerDAO, Compound etc.

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